So for the last couple of days I haven't found anything noteworthy to blog about, except this...

 What if Alice in Wonderland... was Alice in real life?

And how glasses add to the personality of a person?


Umbrella Acoustic version

New infact dare I say 'better' version of Umbrella by Rihanna


I'm back... maybe, but Marie Claude Bourbonnais rocks!

So I'm back after about a year or so. Got lost in life so to speak.

So without much adieu in order to have a brand spanking new post, I'm probably going to make this blog more risqué as we go along. 

To start things off here's a french model who's awesome at the moment, her name's Marie Claude Bourbonnais and she comes equipped with 2 playful funbags.

Raunchier pics in the next post. :)


House M.D.

Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwd Daymn!

Working for a Pharma and not having a medical degree, is kinda like being a stunt-bike rider
without knowing where the fuel tank is. So now you know how I feel.

Anyway - due in some way to the above, and largely due to a very high recommendation to watch by a bud of mine; I started this serial called 'House M.D'!

That was 3 weeks ago - am now on Season 3 (will end it by the weekend). Is it addictive? fuck yeah!

Based around an antisocial arrogant and very brilliant diagnostician (along with his 3 lackeys) this show centers around individuals who catch the rarest possible types of diseases - and then Dr. House goes about treating them in the most un-orthodox ways possible!

He does manage to diagnose and cure them every time though!

A high recommendation to all reading!

P.S. Yeah I know this post is after a 3 month break, but a lot of good shit was happening back then. Still is - be grateful I blogged!


Shakalaka Boom Boom

Saw Shakalaka Boom Boom over the weekend. Did I like it, No! Did I like the title song, Yes! Can't get it outta my head! Wish I had it on an online site so that I could have it playing on my blog. If anyone does, please let me know.

Concept: Boy I is a successful musical
composer, boy I meets girl who's a wannabe musical composer, boy Ilikes girl and vice versa, comes in boy II who's a good looking upcoming talented musical composer, girl falls for boy II (in a typical hindi film style musical showdown), boy I is consumer by insecurity and jealousy of boy II and pulls all kinds of funny shit to stomp him down - twisting the music industry to get boy II completely stomped out, then starts the typical hindi film formula and all is shot to shit!

The film stars Celina Jaitley which is one of the primary reasons for watching it. Another reason is the title song.



My apologies to myself for not posting anything recently. Kinda goes like this:

Razzman: Uhhh... y'know Razz, I'm sorry for not posting anything recently.
Razzman: Uhhh... that's okay Razz, I'm cool with it.
Razzman: That's lame guys, fuck! No seriously, that's lame! I mean, Razzman apologizing to Razzman for not posting???!!! This is my bloody post! I can post as and when I like it!
Razzman: I'm right! Fuck that shit! I don't apologize for not posting!
Razzman: Yeah well, that's cool too, but whoever cusses once more is a f**kin mofo! That's way too much profanity for one post!

Razzman: uhhh... shucks okay.
Razzman: shucks? shucks??? SHUCKS MY SHUCKIN ASS!!! This is my blog! I can't shucking
shuck anytime I want on my shucking blog!
Razzman: I'm right! shuck that shit! I can cuss whenever I shucking like it on my blog! Shuck that Fit!!! Uhhh... I mean... uhhh... y'know...

Have a nice weekend... SHUCKERS!!!